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True Love Bites

...if you're into that sort of thing.

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User Number: 7165493
Date Created:2005-05-19
Number of Posts: 380

Giri is as tough as marshmallows. Capable of thought, but sometimes forgets herself. Do not engange in conversation about historical related topics, you will lose all hope to live within 5 minutes, many details shall be discussed and in depth. You have been warned.
Strengths: Writing, expert with a knife, scissors and needle, script writing, I'll script your arse from here to kingdom come.
Weaknesses: A british accent, an american accent, Kryptonite, music and southern rock bands.
Special Skills: Can type faster than a train, leap higher than a snail and see through glass and brick walls even if they aren't there.
Weapons: A ribbon, a needle and some scraps of material and you'll be covered in a dress of some years gone by whether you like it or not. CD's.
Lives by the Motto: "Do not drink milk and laugh at the same time"

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I'm a receptionist. I live in NSW, and I don't think I could ever live too far from the beach. I love to travel when money allows and I love to drive fast, when cops are not looking :P. I love to collect antiques, whether it be clothing, books, jewellery, fashion plates. You name it, I got it! I speculate too much about movies and tend to delve into the mechanics of them more than I ought too.
I read like there is no tomorrow, probably half the reason why I now have to wear glasses.
I enjoy writing, designing costumes, sewing
I love me creative writing spurred on by my friends.
Meh, wanna ask anything else...email me!