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Angels & Demons
Eyesbody, Carlisle2
Angels and Demons: OMG

I know its bad to think this, but Ewan in priest/deacon vestments *falls off chair drooling*. HOT! I reckon if priests look like that, there would be a heck of a lot more catholics in this world :P

Spoilers abound behind the cut....


*Saw a preview for Night at the Museum 2, Steeve Coogan = WIN! Can't wait to see it. If only for him, Robin Williams and a few others. Looks like a good chuckle.

You have been warned!..Collapse )

We are so gonna kick arse!
Eyesbody, Carlisle2

I had a quick look on youtube not really knowing what to expect in the way of australia post short film entries. There appears to be one. And if thats the sort of thing we are up against....we are so gonna rock that joint haha. I mean good on em. But the competitive little titch is coming out in me!

Link here:

I can't wait to start filming mine. I should probably get cracking on that cloak then. I may take a trip down to kiama on my way before albion park on saturday. Outta the way, but if I do it early enough I'll manage. I need to check some things if I am going to film an antique post box.

I've just tested the ink and its ability to run on queue. My indian ink does not run. My parker ink does. So I'll show the drawing of the address with the indian ink and then have the other stunt parcel in the parker ink. I'll have pics later. It looks awesome though!

Going down to a ladys on saturday to start this twilight quilt for our friend down in VIC who lost her home. Its not much, but its something.

Then its off to Daceyville on sunday to see my like 3rd cousin, I don't know how it works, but he's my pops cousin. He's a nice old bloke.

I should tidy my room.

Anyway. I'm going to get a good nights sleep tonight. It feels much later than it is! Time to sew and use the machine. Night!

Stop eating my words Livejournal!
Eyesbody, Carlisle2

Man, what a busy few days, friends 22nd at the beach, friend picking up dress, mothers day yesterday, godfathers 60th tonight at rockdale. Means I should probably get out of bed soon haha. I don't have to cook tonight yay haha.

We went to Belgenny Farm for mothers day, home of the macarthurs, quaint little farm.

There were 2 people doing the whole 'living history' thing, but their costumes were AWFUL!!! the woman had this regency thing out of crappy taffeta/satin, it was all baggy and the lines were wrong, no underpinnings, wrong material pattern. eugh, and the bloke, he was really nice and funny, but again his costume was rubbish. Ah well, at least mine rocked.

Got my awesome little sewing machine off ebay, lost the first one, but got this instead. Not as pretty or as easy on the eye as I wanted, but its a sewing machine, its a singer and its from 1952, I can't complain!

What you lot up too? school? work? gaol? hehe

Can't wait to start filming this australia post film. its gonna be epic!

Pics of dress worn to Belgenny:


That last one is on the tractor out to the cemetery at Belgenny Farm, the Macather house in the background, a tree growing out my head and my old man beside me. Dad had his hand across his face and mum told him to put his hand down, so he in his smart alec way put the other hand down on the floor! Thats what I'm laughing about.

The sewing machine I won for $100, a third of the price of the other one I was bidding on:

Anyway, I should roll outta bed, have a shower and go to work. Have a good day.

Scary and Not scary
Eyesbody, Carlisle2

Few things to update. Had a bloody scary dream last night, can't call it a dream, I call it a nightmare. I dreamt a guy at work hung himself. Freaked the daylights outta me. Yes this is the guy I've had another dream about but that was a nice fluffy cuddly dream. But man. I dreamt me, lilly, margaret and someone else were at a party in some flashy house. We stayed for a while and left late. And then the scene switches to a wearhouse and the guy in question was upset and pacing and muttering about his worthless life. It was like I was kinda there, and pleading with him not to do it. He jumped with the rope but was clinging onto it like he didn't kind of want to do it, and he was crying the whole time. Then the rope snapped and he fell and there was a sickening crack. He died. I couldn't look him in the face today. Scared me so much.

On other non scary news. Australia Post has a short film comp. I want to enter it. My mate Jonathan wants to enter it but he has no idea and no script yet. He asked if I want to help with it. But I can't do more than offer support over the net cause I can't afford to be dropping everything to be going to camden. So screw it. I'll do my own with Caz and Cookie. Get the old CHM team together again!

My first thoughts were of a girl in 1860 who sends a parcel. Its brown paper wrapped. You see her addressing it to eg: ‘mary smith’. You see her rushing out to post it. Its raining and the ink has started to run. She posts it. The post man gets it out of the box and puts it on his cart or in his bag. The rain has ruined the address. By the time it gets to the post office the address is ruined. They put it on a shelf to dry and it’s forgotten about. Time goes by and it gets forgotten about. And its moved further down the shelf until we transition to modern day. Someone is cleaning the shelves and finds the parcel. They pick it up and examine it, they can just make out an address. You see them typing on a computer and make a phone call. A bit of head nodding and what not. A bit of realisation. A thankyou and both hang up. The lady with the parcel re-addresses it and sends it.

See a postie knocking on the door with the parcel. A girl answers it, is asked for identification,  and shows her license, you see her name is the same as the girl who it was originally addressed too. The postie is surprised. The girl points to a photo on the wall and explains that she is named after her great great grandmother. ie: ‘mary smith’. Both smile and laugh a little. The girl takes it inside and unwraps it to find a photo of the girl who sent it with some ribbon and a letter in it and a fabric swatch.

So there ya have it. Didn't take long. Biased of course. But I like it. I hope the girls will say yes to helping. Its simple to do and won't take long. And we love making films. I've even researched stamps from the 1860's for NSW!

Were taking mum out to camden to bingarry farm for mothers day. It's awesome, I'm so dressing up in my new dress, the farm itself was started in 1805, so my dress is awesomely right for it!

Coming to you Live from the new place
Eyesbody, Carlisle2

Well, I have now been moved in for a total of 3 days lol. I’m enjoying it. It’s not really any different to being at home. I cook, I eat, I clean, I sew, I wash, I google. No difference. Lets see, what has gone on. But I’ve been doing a lot of cleaning, cleaned all the benches, the bathroom bench, the fridge I’m doing in little bits. Its filthy!


I went to Supanova in Brissy. That was pretty awesome. I was expecting it to be more geeky or I dunno, just not as good. Admittedly I didn’t know 90% of what was for sale/being talked about/for sale/people there etc. But it was fun. Spotted some cool people. Attended the cosplay comp. The dalek girls were cute. I want those headbands haha. Looks like they were plastic shot glasses on a headband. Sweet idea. Spotted an awesome tenant doctor who. Got my photo with scooby doo and the gang. Wanted to stalk the cybermen again, but failed. I’m so going to Sydney and have budgeted for it and will make the most of my stalking abilities. I was thinking of going of Miss Hartigan out of ‘The Next Doctor’. That gorgeous red Victorian gown. I can pull that off easy peasey!


My car is mucking up, well it is 10 years old now and its only natural. The steering fluid is leaking, so with my dirty ruddbux I’ve booked the car in for next week to get fixed. But the guy didn’t write down what was wrong with it, so it may take longer to get fixed. I don’t care if they don’t use genuine parts. As long as it gets me by for a year I’ll be happy. Its just this America trip, not that I’m regretting it in the least gosh no, just in order to have enough money to have an awesome time and so I don’t have to say ‘no, I can’t afford it’ I want as much as I can. I’ve worked it out that I should have about AU $5500+ or approximately US $50 :P. But I shouldn’t say that, the dollar is getting better, it’s been up to about .72c this week I think.


My first sewing project in the new place was to turn a loose and sloppy jacket into an awesome double breasted fitted jacket. Took me about ½ an hour. It now looks awesome and shows off my curves better lol


Can’t wait to get all belynda and max’s crap outta my room, then it can really be my room. At the moment, I have her double bed propped up against the wall, half her clothes, bags of crap and drawers and stuff. I have unpacked a good load of stuff though. My clothes are all hanging, which I knew would all fit. Our boss is being nice and I get a day off for Anzac day. We could choose the Friday or Monday, so I chose the Monday. Long weekend and I’ll probably have the house warming party then. Seeing as I wasn’t there for the original. Just my mates. A comedy dvd night with dinner by me. ^_^


Been church for Holy Thursday and Good Friday. We’ve had a good reception to youth group. I’ve talked to a few other kids as well. Spreading the word.  Cause there has to be more than 12 youths out there for the whole parish!! We have about 5 high schools and 7 primary schools.  But I’m hoping to get more after the holidays.


Tim Minchim rocked, how else. That man is a genius.  Only Dylan Moran and Ross Noble left. Woot! Can’t wait for those!


And the smoke alarm just went off, either my flat mate is a really bad cook or we are really burning lol I should investigate, meh.


Time to go and watch some ‘my family’ and eat some carrot cake.


As an aside it was lovely to wake up to church bells. A difference. I must go for a walk to the beach in the next few days. But I won’t go alone. I aint that silly. 3 months and 2 weeks left till I invade America!!!!

Warning. Technical stuff to do with cars. And brisbanite help wanted.
Eyesbody, Carlisle2
forking LJ just decided to delete everything and not save!

Turns out I can't add up.

My ruddbux is not going to see the light of day. My car is seeing it. The steering is going on it. See that long bit marked #1, that has to be replaced and is costing a meagre $650. Then the back drum brakes are going. See here how the red side has more 'meat' on it than the green side? Technically you should have more meat on the whole thing. Mind is starting to grind a bit. Which is good as grinding lets you know there is something starting to wear so you don't wear it down completely and have an accident. I was lucky I turned my music down for once and heard it! So the brakes are gonna cost $250.

So I was hoping to have maybe $50 left over to get the new Dr Who series 4 dvd. But alas might not be able to now. And I still have to get my sunglasses out of laybuy and make another payment. Should put another $20 down. Money money money. Grrr.

And in not so really saving style I'm going to bris-bane on saturday and sunday. I'll be a complete tight arse though. I was looking at transport. Was thinking of getting a taxi to Toombul station and then a train to Roma street. But then when I break it down between me and my mate I might as well just pay the $14 to get the train directly to Roma Street from the airport. Works out the same I think from my dodgy calculations. What do my brisbanites say? Make sense? Care to help a nsw cousin?

so thats things at the moment. I haven't done an ounce of sewing and I feel bad for that. I think I'll resort to hand sewing just in spite of my nanna's machine. Its not a singer. I wuv my singer. But I did see a nice little idea for a cross over sort of bodice, a way to 'open up' the chest area a bit. Nothing racy, but a neat little trick with the should area. Hopefully I can pull it off.

I got the keys for the new place. So I'll take some stuff in the morning and mum will bring the bookcase and the sewing table. So thats coming along. And time to go to bed. have a shower and wind down for another night. Work has been hectic. Sort of glad it is. the Accounting industry is booming in these times where others are failing. People want advice and we can give it. It's a safe job.

I can't afford to send tanya's thing or flowers. I'd found this gorgeous little thing to send her and I can't afford it. :( I really wanted to as well. I feel so bad that she's in hospital and I can't go and visit. So I'm writing her a story about her and her favourite vampires to keep her amused. That much I can do and I know she likes my stories. This one will be personalised ;)

Anyway. 4 months and 1 day till america!

Life on Display
Eyesbody, Carlisle2
That's what it feels like at the moment. All my life in boxes in the hallway. I havent dismantled the bed yet. Bel says she might not get the key for settlement till about 4:30 in which case mum aint going to be hauling things into town. So I'll take a boot full of things tomorrow after work. Sewing stuff probably and easy things I can lug up the stairs.

I'm leaving important things like my main jewelery box, passport, cheque book and stuff till last when I walk outta my room. That way it'll be with me and I can't loose em! Cause if I do....ooooooooh I'll be cranky!

I'm getting excited again about my trip, but was devestated to hear that Tanya was in hospital. Cause I'm not friends with any of her friends and I don't hear from her often online cause she is so busy I didn't question it and I haven't been online as vigilantly as I usually am, what with the move and everything else to worry about. And its not like any of her friends would think to let me know. I mean, its fair enough they wouldn't and I don't expect them too, they don't know me from a bar of soap. C'ept mabye tanya telling them of her crazy aussie friend. It can suck living this far away from people sometimes. Its like the colonisation again, we get news way after its happened. *le sigh* Ah well. I hear she is at least a little better. Still freaked me out reading it on her facebook days after it happened. I'll send her a little aussie care package then that was her birthday and chrissy present that I've been meaning to send for ages.

And I've just seen a rundown for that new movie with Bill Nighy in it, 'The boat that rocked'. Gotta see that!

I've rewritten the intro and ending to my regency film. My sis jussy is helping me with pushing it along. Cause you always need help. When I'm happy with it, I may send it out to a few of my mates to have a look at and make sure it makes sense to them. It flows better now and I've ditched the narrator idea too. So the characters will have to explain things now. So that needs to be written to allow them to do that. I refound the x ray dog - voices of war mp3 from the potc trailers. I'm gonna take that and make myself a trailer about our regency film and just flip it so it looks darker than it is with the normal takes and cuts and then do a funny one. Can't wait to finalise it all and start to get people together!

Well, off to bed in the rather empty room. Night my pretties.

More updatiness ^_^
Eyesbody, Carlisle2
Well, things are steaming along. Heatwise and productivity wise.

I have seen my new abode/apartment thingy. Very nice. Needs a bloody decent clean though. Guy who lived in still had hair in the bathroom. Eugh! I will attempt to upload photos of it. It needs a forking good clean. But its a start. And there is no complaining to that!

I have transferred my cars loan into my name and thus added another lot of money to pay off. But that's alright. In the process of the loan and the big 'moving out' I have tacked on some extra money to purchase myself a laptop. This laptop in fact >>Dell Inspirion 1525<< . Mucho thanks to kkttf_dcu  on giving me the final bit of confidence to get it! I'd asked sooo many people on their opnions and got told so much that in the end and was getting rather confused and flustered, both brands that I was looking at were almost identical to me, but one was cheaper and seemed better. So I bit the bullet. I'll get it on saturday along with the optus prepaid wireless usb thingy. Suits a workin' chick like me down to the ground. No plans. No worries.

So piccy's of the new place. Most are self explanatory!

From 'front' door
Kitchen with brother in laws little brother
Kitchen without brother in laws little brother :P
My room
Our balcony from the street  (the one with the yellow sold sign)

And some more pic spamming, the striped cross over gown I'm currently working on. It looks better than that now. I wanted to do gathers on the cross over bits instead of pleats. I may still be able too, cause I do'nt think I ran the gathering stitches far enough, may just resort to pleats. I'll see ;) And no, I'm not holding my arm up like that to sniff my under arm, I'm holding my camera phone up there to get a better look of the dress. I didn't want to go upstairs to the full length mirror.

Oh and I HAVE to brag about this shot! I was playing tennis with Caz and I was on the far other side of the court. I slammed the ball and this is where it landed. No joke! >>here<<

Pretty good goin eh?

The dinning room is now getting chocca block full of my boxes. And I still have not touched clothes yet! Its insane!

About 2 weeks to go now before lent is over. I've done well without chocolate. Missing it horribly. My skin has cleared though. Figures. I'm coping hehe.

And could mr D at work get anymore awesome? I shouldn't have had to ask if he listens to that old 1930's radio program I love - 'Yes What?'. He does. Naturally. Nice guy.

Anyway. Coughing lungs up again. Stupid weather. had a cold, but now asthma has flared up. Should take puffers, but I haven't. oops.

catch ya's!


The List (whats on and what's not!)
Eyesbody, Carlisle2
To do list:

- Transfer car loan into my name
- Add on another approx $1200 to said loan to get laptop and avoid renting laptop for a stupid amount of extra money that is mine! ($600 is a lot to just throw away)

- Transfer car rego to my name
- Pay for brissy flights and book accordingly
- Pay back Anne for Ross Noble ticket
- Pack rest of room up
- Work, Live and breath as per normal until I move out.
- Get full license
- Get holiday insurance
- Get international drivers permit
- Pay off seattle rental car

That list is going to grow, but presently thats where it sits

I realise I can't live without a pet too. So after my trip I'll get either a cockatiel or a budgie. Probably a tiel. I wuv my tiels ^_^

So far I've packed my books, dvds, sewing stash. And my room looks like it hasn't been touched yet! I'm going in my lunch break to city coast to sort out the loan. Dad keeps going 'but do you need a laptop or want it'. Its both. duh! how the heck am I supposed to keep in touch with people overseas, do banking, sort out my trip and a million and one other things we take for granted without it? He likes to confuse the fork out of me I think.

I at least have nanna's old sewing machine, its not my precious baby singer, but it'll do. I know I'll hate it, but its the best I have and it sews, which is more than some have I spose.

I'll tackle the lady at work for boxes, and here comes the pathetic plea for furniture. Hem hem:

Should you live within a 2 hour radius of wollongong and posses any furniture you don't want, bookshelves, table, chairs, desks and more bookshelves, please let me know! Even if you see things worthy enough sitting by the side of the road cause its gonna be expense to setup as we don't have a lot. A potato peeler, grater, can opener and plates would be nice lol So, there ya have it. See it, let me know!

Youth group went well I think. Should get more families next time. Can't wait. A meeting is in order I think to nut out the next one.

Moving on
Eyesbody, Carlisle2
Finally! I get to move out! Woot! *does super happy fun dance*

My sister and soon to be brother in law bought a flat/apartment in wollongong. He's got a job up north in newcastle, so I'll be minding the house, paying rent to help with their mortgage and stuff.

And the fun begins, emptying my room of all the crap! Its amazing how much I've got stuffed in that tiny room!

I know max (my brother in law) wants to keep as much down here as possible, saves on moving costs etc. So I think this weekend will be dedicated to starting to clean out drawers. I think its mostly paper and clothes I don't wear anymore. But they might be too bad for the salvo's! Bringing me perfectly to the fact I'll need to go to the salvo's to get a book shelf, a desk and possibly a kitchen table and 2 chairs. Plates are always a good thing to have too lol I need a laptop though. Need to figure out how to get that. Bel does some sort of either renting or something. Eitherway. I'm leaning to the Dell Inspirion 1525.

It'll all be good. But *squee* moving out! No one to eat all my food, no one to annoy me, I can do what I want, when  I want, not that I do'nt really do that now anyway haha. I'll have bel and max's old room mate, who I know already, Tahli. She is a receptionist also, just around the corner from out soon to be home. She has been warned my music taste varies from my sisters!

Many things to organise, must dash. have dinner and maybe start to sort through whats on my floor for a starters! My sewing stuff is gonna take up a bit of room. Gertie will get a new home and not get stashed in the corner at least!


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