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Fascinating Fascinators
Yeah, I can't believe I said that as well. I bought a few tid bits to start making my own. I just never like what I see in shops, or the price tag attached. I bought this little paper maiche cylinder thing, for the lid (it looks pillboxy), some creamy white satin scrap in the $1 bin and some white trim. I just need to find a headband and some little charm to attach to it and possibly some larger feathers. So that'll be for Melbourne Cup on November 1 or 2. Can't remember. But it's easy enough to put together.

Had a meeting at work with all the administration team, felt like it was pick on me and bring up all the past mistakes but not point out who it was. Meh, if AS finds a job interstate I would be more than willing to change industries, or downsize, the larger firms I can now say irritate me a little. I like the family environments, my old job before was perfect. I'm not a fan of this so many people in the heirarchy chain. Just give me one person to answer too and stop changing it! Meh. I'll stay till either we move or we get married and have a baby. Which ever comes first.

Went down to my parents on the weekend for Fathers Day. AS made us late again which I got a little annoyed at, I can't be mad at him for the reason because I know when I get like that I can't help it either. Had lunch down at the harbour, got this cool shot on my phone of the seagulls going in for some chips. Must upload that. But my sister and her boyfriend (we're pretty sure they are together, even though he is 40, he is a lovely, quiet, down to earth guy - just what she needs) were absent for some of it, his car (one of many, today's choice was his hearse called 'Flo') broke down, the electrics in it, it's an older style, you wouldn't leave it alone down there as vandals would probably get to it for the sake of it. She went to work and he went straight home after he and my dad had a look at it and got it going. AS and I went to mum and dads, I went to give some attention to the chickens and birds in the avairy, I was feeding this lorikeet mix to the lorikeets (as you do) and the ringneck, I got a little close to the cage that the nutty bird is in and he bit me on the nose. I now have this scab on there, it was infected I think for a few days, it looked like I was perpetually drunk! Or a big zit! The birds in question, can be seen >>here<<. The Yellow one can bite, and the one that is 'dancing' on the girl with the camera is the one who bit me. He is named Psycho Bob for a reason! My poor birds were terrorised that day!

We will finally be going to Canberra to see some friends of ours, well of AS's, the fellows birthday is the same day as mine and he's know AS since AS was about 14 (he's now 31!). He lives out at a place with my namesake, very spooky, lovely area, very rural. The date we've set turns out to be a long weekend, so we were going to go on a Friday and head down, but now we get 4 days. I might have to work a half day as I applied for leave but there'll only be 2 admin staff, which is fine by them, but management need me there. Bugger.

Anyway, AS and I are playing Mario Kart Wii, cheap and something fun, we're inbetween tv series at the moment, I think we might get back into Supernatural. I might crack out  my chocolate freckles for a treat, bugger the youth group kids :P

Speaking of which, we have YG on friday, we're having a spring fest, bright colours, making grass heads, decorating biscuits and playing the game Buzz. Should be an interesting night.

-Signing off


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