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I should start using this thing again...
I guess I should start with a little update and then promise to use this thing again.

AS & I have now been together over 18 months and things are good. Moved twice since living in the heart of Wollongong (I noticed we seem to live in places named after trees), still at DRB and probably still have a few sewing projects left over since last I updated. Who knows, but that's where we are at. But the place we are in now is pretty awesome. It's basically one big room under some old ladys house. The toilet and laundry/bathroom have doors at least. But it does us well, secure, parking on the street though being almost only downside to the place. Great views, pool, entertaining area, can't wait for summer!

My birthday has just been, and AS being a little short of funds as usual, but sneaky none the less, has built me a beast of a computer, don't ask for specs because I can't recall them right now, apart from it being XP. Suffice to say it'll be able to hack my playing Age of Empires. Gives me something to do when I'm not cooking, cleaning, ironing, washing etc :P That and "it's not a Dell", he has something against them, he probably has good reason, but my little laptop hasn't faultered since I bought her in March 2009. Only thing I didn't like about it was Vista and it's non liking of loading all my old XP programs and Microsoft 2007 Office programs, stupid ribbon thingy at the top.

Anyway, we're supposed to be going to Canberra in a few weeks, yet to decide on a date, need to hand my leave application into work for that, should shove it under his nose now as he's on the phone to the friend we're seeing.

My sisters wedding which was on Four Weddings (Australian version) won, saw my mug on tv, and AS, much laughter was had also of my other sisters friend who's hearse was caught on film and the girls/judges commented on it. Oh how we laughed :P

On another note, I got my Vintage Vogue pattern today, cannot wait to make something of her.

Anyway, I'm hungry, so Spaghetti Bolognaise it is. Gluten free no less. I. Am. A. Goddess :P


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