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20 days till usa!
Eyesbody, Carlisle2

So I'm thinking 1.5 glasses of red isn't such a good idea for someone who can barely down 1/2 a glass on a good social outing. ah well.

20 days till USA!

Eeep O_o I have, money, passport, insurance, places to stay, car hire, drivers permit, suitcase, soap, towel, swimmers. Still got stuff to pack. I'm aiming to stay up alll night on July 31, I have to leave home on august 1 at 5am. I'm seeing Birds of Tokyo on the friday night, so allow that to finish at about 10:30-11pm. I'll probably talk to Sarah for a while. I'm sure I can do it, might have to take up coffee drinking or maybe sit and watch some lord of the rings. My theory is that if I stay up for as long as I can, I can sleep on the plane and when I wake up, it'll be 6am in LA. Logical? I thought I was pretty awesome thinking that up!

Can't wait for the warmth and heat! I thinkn Arizona will be the most 'shocking' to be in, I haven't been in dry heat like that! I like my evening ocean breeze, when you get that southerly coming in. Ah well. Its part of travelling.

I need to get my legs waxed though and don't know which place to go to thats cheap and not someones kitchen!! I do'nt want to have to shave while i'm over there, I know I can take long showers, but as I'll be at other peoples places, I do'nt want to make a nuisance of myself.

Can't wait!!!


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