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Film = 70% complete
Eyesbody, Carlisle2
We had a very hectic and busy but fun day on saturday, filming our little short film for the Australia Post Short film comp. I'm proud of our effort so far, and so I bring piccys to share! Gather round and look at the awesomeness. But we did have a cow of a lady at the wollongong museum. I'd been in there before and talked to these 2 cute lovely little old ladies who were bending over backwards to help me and said I could film in there. Awesome ladies. When we strolled in this woman seemed reluctant and showed it to help us at all. I remember the other lady had opened a cupboard and I asked this cow if it opens. She crosses her arms and says 'No'. Bitch! The other lady came out and was all 'Oh comon we'll pull this back, have you got a screw driver? We'll take this for you and put this here. She was sooo helpful. The other lady is probably half the reason no one comes there anymore. 

Anyway, promised pics!:

    Desk at post office. Gorgeous no? 
Jen our modern post officce girl looking more like the mafia Jen & Cookie after cookie couldn't open the door Cookie doing what she does best                                                                            

So there ya have it. I'm pleased with how quick its all gone together. Maybe I'm that awesome haha. The first part set in the 1860's is in sepia, the rest in colour. I need to go back and film the 'old lady' misplacing the parcel so jen finds it. It needs to go for 3.2 mins (200 seconds) and it so far goes for 2.51. Not to shabby, and that includes credits. It'll be up on youtube soon enough. So you'll see the finished product.

Time for Good News Week and Supernatural. Mmmmm, hot stuff ^_^

Youth group on friday, we got casino night. Just playing a round robin of card games. Should be fun. Boris has been a hit at least! (Boris is an acordian playing frog that was once a door stop who is now painted gold).


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