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And back to the drawing board.
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Well, AS was made redundant 2 days before Christmas. The company he worked for was in doubts about their contract as they were a branch of sorts of a telecommunications company. They cancelled the contract and went to work for one of the big 3 telcos in Australia and didn't need him any more. He told me while he was visiting a friend around the corner from work. I did lose it like the girl I was, just got upset and cried. It was more shock than anything. Things were going so well, he had a loan, cracking down on his debts and then bam. 3 months in the job. At least he was made redundant. Back to square one now. Consequently he's kept his car and I still have mine. I've been looking at other cars, not necessarily to get now, but so I know what I want and what features etc. Looking at Toyota's at the moment. A Subaru would be really nice, but for practicality, it's probably going to be a Toyota, the whole Hybrid thing is good on petrol!

My sister had her baby early. By 2 months. Little Isla was born on December 14. She was due Feb 11! I've had cuddles about twice as my dad keeps stealing her! I suppose he is allowed, but geeze man! Let someone else hold her for a minute! I have been worried about holding her anyway, she's so tiny and fragile. And she's only starting to be a little more interactive and responsive, and putting on weight finally. I finished her little owls. Not sure who was more excited about it, my sister or Isla!

We're still in the flat under the old ladies house. Our lemon tree is growing nicely. It's the first days of autumn, though we've hardly had a decent summer. 

We've got a new receptionist at work, she's a mother of 2, nice lady. I know it's wrong for me to say it, but bugger it, I just don't think it's right for mothers to be working when they can be so unpredictable. A week off here, a few days there. It's very disrupting to the work unit. When one admin is away, the others have to pick up and other stuff gets put aside and then it builds up and the shit hits the fan. I know I for one, unless it's dire circumstances will not work until my kids are independent enough, or I'm in a job that's not so demanding. Or I'm in a family run business, which if anything would be AS's parents business and that's as flexible as all heck! Anyway, enough ranting. I just find it frustrating, I can't do my work when I'm doing someone elses. I'm already 2 days behind because of it.

Anyway, time to go shopping for AS's niece. She wants a Pillow Pet for her birthday and I'm having trouble tracking one down, if we can't find it here or C-town, it'll be online and she'll get an IOU from the postie!
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