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Seeing is believing
Eyesbody, Carlisle2
Lets see, since last post, AS has found a job. Not interstate, but it's something he was very excited about. I remember finding it and emailing it to him. It's down where we used to live (about 20 minutes drive south), it's for a telecommunications company that is expanding into IT. He noticed they don't have a receptionist and might put the question to them when he settles in, thing is I can't afford a pay cut if we want to save our butts off for a car/wedding/house. It's in the pipeline. With this job he gets a car, so he's going to sell his baby. We discussed the options of keeping it or keeping mine and economically it's better to get rid of his at the moment, less debt. I own my car outright so there is no point in both of us going backwards into debt.

I also won a $100 gift voucher to Harvey Norman on the radio (Triple M Sydney). I was driving home and had 3 Doors Down in, decided to switch to the radio to see what other music was on and heard they were doing a competition of magic movie moments. The guy started quoting POTC CotBP, Barbossa's "The moonlight show's us for what we really are" speil. Now being the nutter I am for this movie and if it wasn't for this movie I would not have met some fantastic overseas friends and travelled to meet them! So I drive down to the shopping centre where I needed to be (he did the whole thing so it gave me time lol) I whipped out my phone and touch typed the number into my phone, sped into a parking space and dialled. The phone rang and my heart was beating out of my chest (last time it did that, I was kissing AS for the first time :P ) because it's a huge Sydney radio show, the guy answers, asks for my answer and tells me to hang on. He comes back to me and says I'm the only caller LMAO. Tells me to wait and then introduces the segment again. I answer the question and they ask where I'm from (Figtree) and start making cracks about it and asking why it's named that and then sly comments about politicians (not that I care, I don't care for politics) And so I get my certificate in the mail. I already know what I'm getting, one or two of three things, a wok for the gas cooktop or a curling iron and a electric hand mixer. 

I had to get my sunglasses updated too, they were about 2 pescriptions behind my normal glasses and I wasn't using them. So they are ready, then I'll drive to Shellharbour, get my mail (and certificate - woot!), maybe see mum and then drive home and pack for Canberra. We're going away for the long weekend to see Dale (AS' friend) who built his house out near Cotter Dam. Which was a funny coincidence. But it gets freezing out there! Gonna have to pack my old winter clothes I was about to put away!

I've done a little more on my fascinator, done a heap of washing, now I'm buggered. Waiting for AS to come home (it's currently 10:45pm) I'll probably be snoozy by the time he gets back. 


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