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overdue update
Eyesbody, Carlisle2

Wow, I haven't updated in just a little while! Woops!

America was forking awesome! Loved it You can see photos here -> America Photos<-

Forks was amazing, as was phoenix (which was bloody hot!), alabama which was hilarious, the carolinas was nice and relaxing, and nebraska was so different, mind you, the whole country was different!

Working on a few little projects, one is a secret twilight one, one is a summer dress, one is cutting up a pair of jeans to make a short skirt. I've offered my services to the wollongong catholic diocese for their travelling production 'born for this', which is the stations of the cross performed at schools early next year. I would have loved to perform in it, but 1. auditions were on when I was out of town and 2. it travels to schools and as I work full time I wouldn't be able to get time off.

My pop is a little unwell, he was on chemo, but he couldn't handle it so they took him off it.

Am revelling in the last weekend to myself for a while, just had a lazy day today, tomorrow I'm taking my pops cousin around and having lunch with him, then next weekend its my brother in laws surprise birthday party in newcastle, the next day is the social club christmas party for work I've been helping organise. should be not bad.

I'm just going to relax now and watch some classic Dr Who and sew on the secret project ;)

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Hope everything is going well.


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