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Dot points and videos
What a bloody busy past 2 weeks! I had a rotten headache today to the point I was teary at some points. Also one of the staff brought his new baby in, she was gorgeous! They handed her round to everyone and asked if I wanted a hold. I freaked out a little and said no, I hadn't held a baby in about 14 years! Not since my youngest sister was a rugrat! They assured me I'd be fine and I cradled her. She was cute and so warm! Careful I don't get clucky now!

Time is sneaking away. We have:

- 6 days till The Third Cycle's last gig with guitarist Matty
- 14 days till Ross Noble
- 25 days till the sydney quarrantine station ghost tour for my dad's b'day
- 43 days till mystery day that mum won't tell me about. I don't like embarassing surprises!
- 1 month, 3 weeks and 6 days till america

I think that sums it up, my weekends are no longer my own!

I've gotten some US dollars. Man, its so green and it stinks haha. Can't wait to spend it! I'm positive to find:
- Something antique
- A dress to wear to my sisters wedding
- White silk for my wedding dress one day. I know I haven't even got a boyfriend. But it'll be cool to have for one day, and if I turn a spinster lady with her pet bird then I'll give it to a neice or make a dress and turn charles dickens on your arse.

Also I've pretty much done my little film for the Australia post competition, I'll post it here and would love to get your thoughts on it. But I do need music. Anyone who writes their own stuff or can suggest someone to donate a song to this I will love you forever!

La film:

Right now, I'm off to watch South Park or something to tickle the funny bone.

Have a lovely long weekend my aussie friends. God save the queen and all that, cause if it weren't for her, we wouldn't have a day off work!

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You should get the silk for a glory box. My mother had one. Or the God Knows When Box. when she was 16 there was one of those linen parties, like tupperware parties, this was a long time ago mind you, late 50s early 60s, and she bought a set of single bed sheets. They were expensive, but of such good quality that she still had them and they were in good enough nick to go on my bed when I was a child.

I like the idea of a glory box. Its also something that can be potentially passed on to an eldest daughter or something like that. you can start your own hierloom.

Glory box, thats it! I couldn't think of the name. Long day! I like the ' God knows when box' XD That's what it's going to turn into!

I did start to build up things, but at the moment it's kind of pointless. After my trip to the states I don't think I'll spend all the money I'm putting aside, I might buy a butt load over there for a glory box, and then get dad to make me a glory box!

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