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And back to the drawing board.
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Well, AS was made redundant 2 days before Christmas. The company he worked for was in doubts about their contract as they were a branch of sorts of a telecommunications company. They cancelled the contract and went to work for one of the big 3 telcos in Australia and didn't need him any more. He told me while he was visiting a friend around the corner from work. I did lose it like the girl I was, just got upset and cried. It was more shock than anything. Things were going so well, he had a loan, cracking down on his debts and then bam. 3 months in the job. At least he was made redundant. Back to square one now. Consequently he's kept his car and I still have mine. I've been looking at other cars, not necessarily to get now, but so I know what I want and what features etc. Looking at Toyota's at the moment. A Subaru would be really nice, but for practicality, it's probably going to be a Toyota, the whole Hybrid thing is good on petrol!

My sister had her baby early. By 2 months. Little Isla was born on December 14. She was due Feb 11! I've had cuddles about twice as my dad keeps stealing her! I suppose he is allowed, but geeze man! Let someone else hold her for a minute! I have been worried about holding her anyway, she's so tiny and fragile. And she's only starting to be a little more interactive and responsive, and putting on weight finally. I finished her little owls. Not sure who was more excited about it, my sister or Isla!

We're still in the flat under the old ladies house. Our lemon tree is growing nicely. It's the first days of autumn, though we've hardly had a decent summer. 

We've got a new receptionist at work, she's a mother of 2, nice lady. I know it's wrong for me to say it, but bugger it, I just don't think it's right for mothers to be working when they can be so unpredictable. A week off here, a few days there. It's very disrupting to the work unit. When one admin is away, the others have to pick up and other stuff gets put aside and then it builds up and the shit hits the fan. I know I for one, unless it's dire circumstances will not work until my kids are independent enough, or I'm in a job that's not so demanding. Or I'm in a family run business, which if anything would be AS's parents business and that's as flexible as all heck! Anyway, enough ranting. I just find it frustrating, I can't do my work when I'm doing someone elses. I'm already 2 days behind because of it.

Anyway, time to go shopping for AS's niece. She wants a Pillow Pet for her birthday and I'm having trouble tracking one down, if we can't find it here or C-town, it'll be online and she'll get an IOU from the postie!
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Seeing is believing
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Lets see, since last post, AS has found a job. Not interstate, but it's something he was very excited about. I remember finding it and emailing it to him. It's down where we used to live (about 20 minutes drive south), it's for a telecommunications company that is expanding into IT. He noticed they don't have a receptionist and might put the question to them when he settles in, thing is I can't afford a pay cut if we want to save our butts off for a car/wedding/house. It's in the pipeline. With this job he gets a car, so he's going to sell his baby. We discussed the options of keeping it or keeping mine and economically it's better to get rid of his at the moment, less debt. I own my car outright so there is no point in both of us going backwards into debt.

I also won a $100 gift voucher to Harvey Norman on the radio (Triple M Sydney). I was driving home and had 3 Doors Down in, decided to switch to the radio to see what other music was on and heard they were doing a competition of magic movie moments. The guy started quoting POTC CotBP, Barbossa's "The moonlight show's us for what we really are" speil. Now being the nutter I am for this movie and if it wasn't for this movie I would not have met some fantastic overseas friends and travelled to meet them! So I drive down to the shopping centre where I needed to be (he did the whole thing so it gave me time lol) I whipped out my phone and touch typed the number into my phone, sped into a parking space and dialled. The phone rang and my heart was beating out of my chest (last time it did that, I was kissing AS for the first time :P ) because it's a huge Sydney radio show, the guy answers, asks for my answer and tells me to hang on. He comes back to me and says I'm the only caller LMAO. Tells me to wait and then introduces the segment again. I answer the question and they ask where I'm from (Figtree) and start making cracks about it and asking why it's named that and then sly comments about politicians (not that I care, I don't care for politics) And so I get my certificate in the mail. I already know what I'm getting, one or two of three things, a wok for the gas cooktop or a curling iron and a electric hand mixer. 

I had to get my sunglasses updated too, they were about 2 pescriptions behind my normal glasses and I wasn't using them. So they are ready, then I'll drive to Shellharbour, get my mail (and certificate - woot!), maybe see mum and then drive home and pack for Canberra. We're going away for the long weekend to see Dale (AS' friend) who built his house out near Cotter Dam. Which was a funny coincidence. But it gets freezing out there! Gonna have to pack my old winter clothes I was about to put away!

I've done a little more on my fascinator, done a heap of washing, now I'm buggered. Waiting for AS to come home (it's currently 10:45pm) I'll probably be snoozy by the time he gets back. 

Fascinating Fascinators
Yeah, I can't believe I said that as well. I bought a few tid bits to start making my own. I just never like what I see in shops, or the price tag attached. I bought this little paper maiche cylinder thing, for the lid (it looks pillboxy), some creamy white satin scrap in the $1 bin and some white trim. I just need to find a headband and some little charm to attach to it and possibly some larger feathers. So that'll be for Melbourne Cup on November 1 or 2. Can't remember. But it's easy enough to put together.

Had a meeting at work with all the administration team, felt like it was pick on me and bring up all the past mistakes but not point out who it was. Meh, if AS finds a job interstate I would be more than willing to change industries, or downsize, the larger firms I can now say irritate me a little. I like the family environments, my old job before was perfect. I'm not a fan of this so many people in the heirarchy chain. Just give me one person to answer too and stop changing it! Meh. I'll stay till either we move or we get married and have a baby. Which ever comes first.

Went down to my parents on the weekend for Fathers Day. AS made us late again which I got a little annoyed at, I can't be mad at him for the reason because I know when I get like that I can't help it either. Had lunch down at the harbour, got this cool shot on my phone of the seagulls going in for some chips. Must upload that. But my sister and her boyfriend (we're pretty sure they are together, even though he is 40, he is a lovely, quiet, down to earth guy - just what she needs) were absent for some of it, his car (one of many, today's choice was his hearse called 'Flo') broke down, the electrics in it, it's an older style, you wouldn't leave it alone down there as vandals would probably get to it for the sake of it. She went to work and he went straight home after he and my dad had a look at it and got it going. AS and I went to mum and dads, I went to give some attention to the chickens and birds in the avairy, I was feeding this lorikeet mix to the lorikeets (as you do) and the ringneck, I got a little close to the cage that the nutty bird is in and he bit me on the nose. I now have this scab on there, it was infected I think for a few days, it looked like I was perpetually drunk! Or a big zit! The birds in question, can be seen >>here<<. The Yellow one can bite, and the one that is 'dancing' on the girl with the camera is the one who bit me. He is named Psycho Bob for a reason! My poor birds were terrorised that day!

We will finally be going to Canberra to see some friends of ours, well of AS's, the fellows birthday is the same day as mine and he's know AS since AS was about 14 (he's now 31!). He lives out at a place with my namesake, very spooky, lovely area, very rural. The date we've set turns out to be a long weekend, so we were going to go on a Friday and head down, but now we get 4 days. I might have to work a half day as I applied for leave but there'll only be 2 admin staff, which is fine by them, but management need me there. Bugger.

Anyway, AS and I are playing Mario Kart Wii, cheap and something fun, we're inbetween tv series at the moment, I think we might get back into Supernatural. I might crack out  my chocolate freckles for a treat, bugger the youth group kids :P

Speaking of which, we have YG on friday, we're having a spring fest, bright colours, making grass heads, decorating biscuits and playing the game Buzz. Should be an interesting night.

-Signing off

I should start using this thing again...
I guess I should start with a little update and then promise to use this thing again.

AS & I have now been together over 18 months and things are good. Moved twice since living in the heart of Wollongong (I noticed we seem to live in places named after trees), still at DRB and probably still have a few sewing projects left over since last I updated. Who knows, but that's where we are at. But the place we are in now is pretty awesome. It's basically one big room under some old ladys house. The toilet and laundry/bathroom have doors at least. But it does us well, secure, parking on the street though being almost only downside to the place. Great views, pool, entertaining area, can't wait for summer!

My birthday has just been, and AS being a little short of funds as usual, but sneaky none the less, has built me a beast of a computer, don't ask for specs because I can't recall them right now, apart from it being XP. Suffice to say it'll be able to hack my playing Age of Empires. Gives me something to do when I'm not cooking, cleaning, ironing, washing etc :P That and "it's not a Dell", he has something against them, he probably has good reason, but my little laptop hasn't faultered since I bought her in March 2009. Only thing I didn't like about it was Vista and it's non liking of loading all my old XP programs and Microsoft 2007 Office programs, stupid ribbon thingy at the top.

Anyway, we're supposed to be going to Canberra in a few weeks, yet to decide on a date, need to hand my leave application into work for that, should shove it under his nose now as he's on the phone to the friend we're seeing.

My sisters wedding which was on Four Weddings (Australian version) won, saw my mug on tv, and AS, much laughter was had also of my other sisters friend who's hearse was caught on film and the girls/judges commented on it. Oh how we laughed :P

On another note, I got my Vintage Vogue pattern today, cannot wait to make something of her.

Anyway, I'm hungry, so Spaghetti Bolognaise it is. Gluten free no less. I. Am. A. Goddess :P

Next step in life...
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Wow, I haven't been on here in ages!

Suppose there is an explanation due.

On 30th December I got myself a boyfriend. My first. I've been somewhat distracted and rather happy about it. We've been together about 2 months and things are pretty sweet. He's all I've ever wanted and I'm all he's ever wanted. It's almost scary in a way!

Yes we did meet on RSVP, which I know I talked myself out of for soooo long. But I took the plunge. Signed up. 3 weeks later, I met Anthony on the 29th of December and can't remember having been so happy.

So, there ya have it. The reason why I've pretty much dropped off the face of the earth.

I lost my pop the week before I met him, so things were very emotional and messed up in my head. So glad I had Anthony to pick me up from it. Was a very sad Christmas, but the new year picked up.

I had put my hand up to make costumes for a production of the stations of the cross for the diocese for church. NEVER again will I make costumes en masse for anyone! Selfish it sounds, but I'll only make stuff for me. I've learnt my lesson now!

My next project is a 1929 dress for an engagement party of 'Gangsters and Broads'. Anthony is gonna look hot in suspenders, white shirt and gangster hat! Will show pictures when it's done.

so anyway. Thought an update was due ;)

overdue update
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Wow, I haven't updated in just a little while! Woops!

America was forking awesome! Loved it You can see photos here -> America Photos<-

Forks was amazing, as was phoenix (which was bloody hot!), alabama which was hilarious, the carolinas was nice and relaxing, and nebraska was so different, mind you, the whole country was different!

Working on a few little projects, one is a secret twilight one, one is a summer dress, one is cutting up a pair of jeans to make a short skirt. I've offered my services to the wollongong catholic diocese for their travelling production 'born for this', which is the stations of the cross performed at schools early next year. I would have loved to perform in it, but 1. auditions were on when I was out of town and 2. it travels to schools and as I work full time I wouldn't be able to get time off.

My pop is a little unwell, he was on chemo, but he couldn't handle it so they took him off it.

Am revelling in the last weekend to myself for a while, just had a lazy day today, tomorrow I'm taking my pops cousin around and having lunch with him, then next weekend its my brother in laws surprise birthday party in newcastle, the next day is the social club christmas party for work I've been helping organise. should be not bad.

I'm just going to relax now and watch some classic Dr Who and sew on the secret project ;)

History Repeats
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I have finished it! Finally! Our little short film. I apologise to my flists everywhere...well actually. I don't apologise! We worked on this and we enjoy it! It's the best we can do in the time frame. So have a squiz and let me know what you think. Bearing in mind its for a short film comp for australia post, themed parcel and had to go for no more than 3.2 minutes!

Enjoy, History Repeats!



16 days till america for the record.

20 days till usa!
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So I'm thinking 1.5 glasses of red isn't such a good idea for someone who can barely down 1/2 a glass on a good social outing. ah well.

20 days till USA!

Eeep O_o I have, money, passport, insurance, places to stay, car hire, drivers permit, suitcase, soap, towel, swimmers. Still got stuff to pack. I'm aiming to stay up alll night on July 31, I have to leave home on august 1 at 5am. I'm seeing Birds of Tokyo on the friday night, so allow that to finish at about 10:30-11pm. I'll probably talk to Sarah for a while. I'm sure I can do it, might have to take up coffee drinking or maybe sit and watch some lord of the rings. My theory is that if I stay up for as long as I can, I can sleep on the plane and when I wake up, it'll be 6am in LA. Logical? I thought I was pretty awesome thinking that up!

Can't wait for the warmth and heat! I thinkn Arizona will be the most 'shocking' to be in, I haven't been in dry heat like that! I like my evening ocean breeze, when you get that southerly coming in. Ah well. Its part of travelling.

I need to get my legs waxed though and don't know which place to go to thats cheap and not someones kitchen!! I do'nt want to have to shave while i'm over there, I know I can take long showers, but as I'll be at other peoples places, I do'nt want to make a nuisance of myself.

Can't wait!!!

Dot points and videos
What a bloody busy past 2 weeks! I had a rotten headache today to the point I was teary at some points. Also one of the staff brought his new baby in, she was gorgeous! They handed her round to everyone and asked if I wanted a hold. I freaked out a little and said no, I hadn't held a baby in about 14 years! Not since my youngest sister was a rugrat! They assured me I'd be fine and I cradled her. She was cute and so warm! Careful I don't get clucky now!

Time is sneaking away. We have:

- 6 days till The Third Cycle's last gig with guitarist Matty
- 14 days till Ross Noble
- 25 days till the sydney quarrantine station ghost tour for my dad's b'day
- 43 days till mystery day that mum won't tell me about. I don't like embarassing surprises!
- 1 month, 3 weeks and 6 days till america

I think that sums it up, my weekends are no longer my own!

I've gotten some US dollars. Man, its so green and it stinks haha. Can't wait to spend it! I'm positive to find:
- Something antique
- A dress to wear to my sisters wedding
- White silk for my wedding dress one day. I know I haven't even got a boyfriend. But it'll be cool to have for one day, and if I turn a spinster lady with her pet bird then I'll give it to a neice or make a dress and turn charles dickens on your arse.

Also I've pretty much done my little film for the Australia post competition, I'll post it here and would love to get your thoughts on it. But I do need music. Anyone who writes their own stuff or can suggest someone to donate a song to this I will love you forever!

La film:

Right now, I'm off to watch South Park or something to tickle the funny bone.

Have a lovely long weekend my aussie friends. God save the queen and all that, cause if it weren't for her, we wouldn't have a day off work!

Film = 70% complete
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We had a very hectic and busy but fun day on saturday, filming our little short film for the Australia Post Short film comp. I'm proud of our effort so far, and so I bring piccys to share! Gather round and look at the awesomeness. But we did have a cow of a lady at the wollongong museum. I'd been in there before and talked to these 2 cute lovely little old ladies who were bending over backwards to help me and said I could film in there. Awesome ladies. When we strolled in this woman seemed reluctant and showed it to help us at all. I remember the other lady had opened a cupboard and I asked this cow if it opens. She crosses her arms and says 'No'. Bitch! The other lady came out and was all 'Oh comon we'll pull this back, have you got a screw driver? We'll take this for you and put this here. She was sooo helpful. The other lady is probably half the reason no one comes there anymore. 

Anyway, promised pics!:

    Desk at post office. Gorgeous no? 
Jen our modern post officce girl looking more like the mafia Jen & Cookie after cookie couldn&apos;t open the door Cookie doing what she does best                                                                            

So there ya have it. I'm pleased with how quick its all gone together. Maybe I'm that awesome haha. The first part set in the 1860's is in sepia, the rest in colour. I need to go back and film the 'old lady' misplacing the parcel so jen finds it. It needs to go for 3.2 mins (200 seconds) and it so far goes for 2.51. Not to shabby, and that includes credits. It'll be up on youtube soon enough. So you'll see the finished product.

Time for Good News Week and Supernatural. Mmmmm, hot stuff ^_^

Youth group on friday, we got casino night. Just playing a round robin of card games. Should be fun. Boris has been a hit at least! (Boris is an acordian playing frog that was once a door stop who is now painted gold).


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